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Helping those who seek to help others

We share the mission of those who seek to build a better world and strive to protect those who put themselves at risk for the procurement and betterment of others for none of their own gain.

Usually, some of the most impactful organisations that fit this descriptor are crowd- or self-funded and operate on limited budgets, leaving very little wiggle room when it comes to keeping personnel and peers safe.

We want to help these organisations stay safe while carrying out their often risky work, and we've created Project PAX to help aid in this shared vision.

What kind of organisations can apply to Project PAX?

  • Human rights groups

  • Unarmed peacekeeping groups

  • Educators, health- & social workers

  • EMS & firefighting personnel

  • Unarmed private security personnel

  • Independent or crowd-funded journalists

  • Community watches in vulnerable communities

  • Election & Poll workers

If you are part of an organisation working within the abovementioned fields, you can apply for Project PAX and receive a significant discount on applicable products.

This list is not exhaustive; every application is handled case by case.

Thank you for making an inquiry, we'll get back to you ASAP.

Depending on the complexity of your request, or the nature of your question, it may take longer than usual to give you an adequate response.

As Project PAX constitutes non-violent approaches to handling problems within modern society, none of our tactical, entry or rifle protection-rated (with exceptions) products are valid for application.

We offer services through Project PAX to any proposed organisation that applies through this webform which satisfies our criteria or is brought to us by any of our partners.

Any inclusion in Project PAX does not constitute and should not be understood as an endorsement by our partner organisations or us.