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We established RONIN ARMOUR in 2021 as a subsidiary of our contract manufacturing division. We bring our experience in the joint development and manufacturing of truly specialised armour and tactical products and bring the latest advancements onto the market for general availability.

Based in southern Jutland in Denmark, we pride ourselves on handling our entire manufacturing workflow internally and sourcing our raw materials from within the European Union from reputable manufacturers.

We run a tight and efficient crew with as flat of a management structure as possible, with everyone performing multiple roles internally to help ensure things go along smoothly and guarantee an even knowledge pool among everyone.

The landmass of Denmark highlighted in orange

All of our products go through several iterations before being brought to market.

We're firm believers in quantitive and iterative design to ensure that every single layer and stitch in our tactical products are there to serve a specific purpose.

A document with mathematical equations written on it with pieces of aramid scattered around it

We strive to design all our products to actively enhance any operator's soft skillset with features and options that accommodate their specific preferences and role.

We believe modularity, durability and field repairability are all vital features of any piece of kit. As such, we take great care to ensure these criteria are met with any product we design.

A police officer wearing a bulletproof helmet training with an MP5 submachine gun

Since the beginning, we have internally focused on automation and streamlining through every stage of our workflow, leaving us available for work that adds value instead of tiresome conveyor-style physical labour and strenuous administrative tasks.

This has allowed us to handle custom orders more efficiently and provide the end-user solutions that each operator deserves.

The head of a laser cutter


As with everything in life, designing body armour is a balancing act between trauma mitigation, weight, flexibility and price.

We go beyond survivability with our products and have extensively focused on multi-hit performance with increased safety margins so you can have peace of mind that your armour will perform when you need it the most.

A folded piece of ballistic fabric with 3 mushroomed bullets caught in it

Similarly, no armour provides any protection if it isn't worn.

We've seen many operators, law enforcement officers, and security personnel drop armour because of comfort issues.

Because of this, we emphasise comfort, of which weight and flexibility are the primary criteria.

A roll of mixed weave para-aramid fabric

The astute reader might notice that this leaves a single compromise on our previously mentioned balancing sheet, and it's true.

We will never be the cheapest on the market, nor are we aiming to be, and we wholeheartedly refuse to compromise on materials or the quality of the final product.

Neatly folded rolls of SPECTRA SHIELD UHMWPE and Gold Shield ballistic laminate

All in all we strive to provide the best possible solutions for any given mission set and operational role without compromise.

Want to become part of the team?

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Want to become part of the team?

Check Current Listings